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Introduction to URAH-Diaspora Health Campaign

The devastating effects of Communicable & non-communicable diseases are most severe in developing nations due to lack of access to information on disease prevention and management strategies.

Urah Singapore, in consultation with the Nigerian Diaspora Medical Professionals and the Federal Ministry of Health, has now created opportunities for both Local & International Medical volunteers to get involved in primary healthcare delivery among local communities at flexible times convenient to volunteers all-year round.

This is part of the Diaspora “Give-Back” initiative to support the efforts of Governments & NGOs in the area of primary healthcare.

Urah Singapore kick-off the program with the 2008 Diaspora Screening & public enlightenment program on Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD). Nigerian Medical experts based overseas were brought in to do the Screening and Training of local Medical personnel in five (5) centres in Lagos and Abuja (See photos )

For more on Urah Previous Diaspora "Give-Back" Programs, Click Here

The Urah- Diaspora Health Campaign focuses on education, prevention, treatment and management of some of the prominent diseases like Malaria, HIV, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and so on.


A number of local hospitals have signed up partnership MOU with URAH-Diaspora Health campaign to ensure adequate follow up of patients within their localities.


For more information, please contact                                                                                                                                    

Dr Elie Okirie Tel: +44 7951 490 373, Email: okirie@tiscali.co.uk

Dr Jonathan Obaje Tel: +65 9672 2797    Email: obajeoj@urah.com.sg

Dr Sunny Abbah; Tel: +65 91463672; Email: drabbah@urah.com.sg



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