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Hospital Partnership Confirmation Form

After due considerations and convinced of the good cause of the  “Diaspora Public Health Campaign” initiative, this Hospital has agreed to Partner with URAH-Diaspora Health Campaign to bring the full benefit of these Campaigns to Nigerians within the locality of our Hospital.


Name of Hospital
Name of Medical Director
Address of Hospital
Contact person Name
Contact person Tel
Please list current Units/Departments of the Hospital, HOD name & staff strength. Attach extral sheets if necessary.

Name of HOD

Staff strength

Email of contact person::

Partnership benefits: Partner Hospital shall be the Local Referral Hospital of the Mobile Team for all Medical Services available at Partner Hospital within the Locality. Medical Hotline (Telephone) of Partner Hospital shall be included on the patient's take-home record sheets of the Mobile Health Campaign in the Locality of Partner


Partnership responsibilities: Partner Hospital shall appoint a senior medical personnel to server in the National Organising Committee of Urah-Diaspora Health Campaign. Partner Hospital shall provide local logistics for the Mobile Health Campaign team.

For more information, please contact                                                                                                                                    

Dr Jonathan Obaje Tel: +65 9672 2797    Email: obajeoj@urah.com.sg

Dr Elie Okirie Tell:+44 7951 490 373, Email: okirie@tiscali.co.uk

You may also Contact the Campaign Liaiason Offices nearest to you. Click here


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