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Mobile Health Screening & Enlightenment Program

Could you be a medical volunteer for one week or more in a year? Could you support the Diaspora public health initiatives?

 Your Role
  • Lead a local mobile clinic & Public Health Enlightenment Campaign in various parts of the country
  • Facilitate Health Screening and early detection of illnesses
  • Train local clinicians on best practice methods
  • Capacity building across the spectrum of specialties

Our Offer to You

  • Fully managed itenary
  • On-the-field accommodation & transportation
  • Return economy flight ticket (subject to availability of funds)
  • Reasonable Subsistence Allowance (subject to availability of funds)

To volunteer as a medical personnel Click Here

For more information, please contact                                                                                                                                    

Dr Elie Okirie Tel:+44 7951 490 373, Email: okirie@tiscali.co.uk

Dr Jonathan Obaje Tel: +65 9672 2797    Email: obajeoj@urah.com.sg

Dr Sunny Abbah; Tel: +65 91463672; Email: drabbah@urah.com.sg



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